Thursday, September 30, 2010

Back To Work

Ok, this is going to be a pretty short and quick post. getting back into my workout, need to discipline myself a bit more, weighed myself in at 207lbs last friday, hoping its gunna be at least a bit better tomorrow. Also fuckin happy since i just got a job at the local grocery store, i know its not a big deal but, fuck, this is gunna let me buy a bunch of shit that i want like a new xbox (fuckin need this soo much), tv, sound system, futon, etc. + me and my family get 10-20% off on all the shit in in the store, so, its worth it. Thats all i have for this post, also pic unrelated

Sunday, September 26, 2010


So Yesterday, one of my friends came over to have a smoke and play some halo reach, we finish up smoking head inside and just as i turn on my xbox i realized that the t.v. isn't showing any picture so i look back over to the xbox and what do i see..... 3/4 rrod... fuckin sucked man so all of today is being devoted to trying to fix my xbox as i cant send it into Microsoft since the warranty is longgg gone and I've already modded it.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Today's Security Fail

Ok, so, im currently in high school and today while i was at the plaza major security guard fail occurred, me and my friend were planning on getting some subway when all of a sudden we hear a shit load of screaming inside, didn't see what happened but the woman who worked there was threatening to call the cops on some girl, so naturally me and my buddy decided to chill out while everyone calmed down, they didn't -.- .... 5 minutes later the guy that works at the store walks out and asks me and my friend to go get the security guard. We go up the the guy and say "hey, the guy at subway wants you to head over there because there's a fight going on" security guard says "alright" but i decided to stick around and see what happens next so i stand there watching the guard as he walks over to the rail, he then looked at the store and then just walked away like he saw nothing... so from now on, im never gunna trust that guy to do shit. Also, pic somewhat related, but is not the guy.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Decided not to use this as a workout only kind of thing after a bit of thinking, but rather have a mix of stuff on here depending on what I come across or feel like posting.

The Begining

Now most of you probably will not really care what I write here, but, that doesn't matter to me. This is basically to keep me motivated (and remind me of what I came from) for the time being as I try to get back into shape after not doing any exercise, playing a lot of video games and smoking at least half a pack of cigg's a day for 3 years.